UAE Free Zone Business Set up    
The main benefits investors enjoy when starting a business in the UAE Free Zones are:
100% Foreign Ownership
100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits
0% Corporate, Personal Tax
Exemption from all Import and Export Duties
Free Zone Company Formation is Quicker than Incorporation outside of the Free Zones
Inexpensive Workforce and Easy Recruitment Procedures
Typically, no restrictions on recruiting labour
'One-stop-shop' for Administration Services
On-site Customs Inspection
Free Zone Limitations
A Free Zone Company is not allowed to trade directly with the UAE market. The Free Zone Company can undertake the local business only through locally appointed distributors.
Custom Duty 5% is applicable for the local business.
Even though all free zones provide many attractive schemes for the benefit of the investors, not all are the same when we consider the facilities offered by them. Therefore it will be worth while to have a glance over the facilities offered by each, one by one. The details mentioned below are for the guidance of the investors, and the facilities may be subject to change from time to time when such decisions are being taken by the Free Zone Authorities.
It is important that new investors get in touch EMN Chartered’s consultants for latest details before they plan a business activity in any UAE Free Zone.

UAE is the only country in the Middle East where a big number of Free Trade Zones and Free Industrial Zones are available for investors who wish to gain more from their investment. The first Free Zone formed was Jebel Ali , Dubai, in 1985 which witnessed a tremendous growth in the years to come by way of increased number of investors. Many have established their offices, factories or warehouses and invested millions which in turn had given them huge returns from the UAE Free Zones. That is precisely the reason why even more foreign investors are being attracted nowadays to the UAE Free Zones.

Currently, over 12.000 companies, many of which being major brands, operate under the UAE Free Zones Authority.
Documents Required for Registering a Business in the UAE Free Zones
There are some similar formalities to be completed with regards to the documents which are submitted to each free zone depending upon the type of business an investor chooses. In general, the following are the main options:
Free Zone Establishment (FZE) (One individual share holder).
Free Zone Company (FZCO) (More than one member).
Branch Office
All of the above types may not be available to every free zone, therefore an investor should seek the advice of a consultant to finally arrive at whether his choice is possible in the concerned free zone and also to know about the details of documents needed . However for the advantage of the investors, descriptions of documents commonly needed are being listed below:

1) Application form duly filled
2) Business profile of the owner
3) Passport copy of the owner
4) Original bankers reference

1) Business profile of individuals
2) Passport copy of owners
3) Original bankers reference
4) Board Resolution
5) Manager’s valid passport copy
6) Specimen signature of the manager
7) Original FZCO application

1) Certificate of Registration
2) Memorandum and Articles of Association
3) Board Resolution
4) Manager’s passport copy and his attested signature
5) Parent company‘s profile
Note: Application for license, Passport copy & Bank reference of each individual, Project summary and Application for registration are common for any business set-up.
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